Hell in the Hallway

(August 14, 2017) It's Monday morning following a disheartening, fearful, horrific weekend in Charlottesville, VA that has tested the spirit and faith of many. It's a Monday morning when several people have attended local rallies in support of diversity, tolerance and the best of what we, as a nation, have to offer. I'm hearing questions that border on hopelessness:  How did this happen? … [Read more...]

Memory Echoes

(August 1, 2017) The cicadas are singing, the birds are chirping and, some squirrels are making the chirring sounds they make when they chase each other. I'm sitting in one of our parks along the river. Actually, it's a golf course, but not a terribly popular one. Monroe County, where Rochester is located, has some of the nicest parks around. So here we are. The beginning of August. And also … [Read more...]

Now What?

(July 5, 2017) So much of our lives are in transition right now, aren't they? We, as a country, are really feeling the effects of the beginning of a new administration in Washington after eight years with a different person; the world is feeling some angst about North Korea and some other hotspots; our churches continue to change -- New Life is preparing for its final worship service in its … [Read more...]

A Rainy Saturday

(July 1, 2017) It's a very rainy Saturday morning here in Rochester. Actually, I love these days. Saturday morning is my time to meditate and write my sermon ... clear my head for tomorrow's worship ... and just have time alone with God. I guess it's my Sabbath though sometimes I still rail at such a formal title for time spent in my Center. I've always loved the rain. It makes me think I'm … [Read more...]

3 Buckets, Franchising, & Redefinition

(June 26, 2017) Okay. So I got back from Louisville and pretty much crashed yesterday as I sought to just let my mind unpack itself. Do you ever do that? I liken it to focusing on the work of dicing the veggies for a stir fry while the oil heats in the wok and the ginger root flavors the oil. My focus is one place but I know that the work is happening on its own nearby even when I'm not focused … [Read more...]