The Church has Left the Building. Like Jesus, we go where the People are. We don't expect them to come to us. We are here to share the really Great News that we are created and re-created by a Loving God of Grace and Mercy.

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“Wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey, you are Welcome Here” and we hope you will find a Spiritual Home — whether for a moment or for a lifetime.

We are not your “typical church.” We have no building (gave that up in 2014); everyone is welcome (and we mean EVERYONE — no matter what you believe or what religion you profess). Jesus never turned anyone away, and neither will we; we believe that God loves us just as we are and that it’s that love that transforms us into new beings altogether.

Put us Where you Want us, and Show us What to Do!


Hate, Hate, and More Hate

We are being Tested! Today is one of those days when it’s hard to be a pastor. It’s especially hard to be an urban pastor, and triply hard to be an urban pastor who mothers children of color. And yet, if we are to believe what our faith teaches us, then we are all urban pastors who parent children of color because…

Ring for Joy! leads worship

On All-Saints Sunday, November 6th, our Act of Faith – Ring for Joy! – led the Fellowship of Faith worship with their rendition of Amt Grant’s “Thy Word.” This marked the return of the bell choir for the first time since their summer hiatus, and it marks the one year anniversary of this Act of Faith led by our Deacon co-Chair, the…

Special Giving: St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center

After welcoming Sister Chris Wagner, the former Executive Director, to our FoF service in November, we are proud to encourage you to support the work of this Center which is open to all. They will turn no one away. CLICK HERE to learn more about them, who they serve, and how they organize their more than 500 volunteer providers every month. If…