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CLICK HERE for to order the case-study workbook that will walk you through your own experience in light of what this little church did. In 2018, South Church published The Church Has Left the Building: Put us where you want us and show us what to do (A case-study of one church’s story of transformation, redefinition, and new life.) This case-study outlines the events, year-by-year, which led to this 160+-year-old congregation selling its building, embracing a missional model of ministry, and being transformed into a vibrant force in the Body of Christ. The second half of each chapter is the Pastor’s thoughts and theological reflection as she chronicles her inner-most thoughts, fears, prayers, and revelations. This is a must-read for transformational leaders working with systemic change. To purchase a downloadable PDF or eBook version for $10.00, CLICK HERE.  To order a hard copy to be mailed to you ($12.50 including postage & handling), use the CONTACT tab above.

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In 2018, after nearly three years of working togethe, New Life Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY) dissolved as a congregation but kept its five ministries alive through the Acts of Faith Model. With the support of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley, South and New Life pioneered a new way for church resurrection – blending with another congregation while maintaining the independence of their ministries that is afforded by the AoF Model.  CLICK HERE to view and/or download the Transitional Plan for Blending South & New Life Presbyterian Churches which was successfully enacted. Because of the three-year commitment on the part of both Sessions, “the two have become one” with all 20 collective Acts of Faith under the authority of South’s Session. This is not a traditional merger, yolked-parish, or “assumption” of one church by another; the AoF model,  by virtue of the individual identity of each Act of Faith (see the White Paper for the Precepts of this Model) allowed New Life members to continue their own ministries while aligning with South’s and create “something new altogether.”

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