The Church has Left the Building. Like Jesus, we go where the People are. We don't expect them to come to us. We are here to share the really Great News that we are created and re-created by a Loving God of Grace and Mercy.

Presbytery of Genesee Valley

South Presbyterian Church is one of many churches which make up the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.  The Presbytery, which is represented by ruling elder commissioners from each of the churches and by the pastors who serve them, oversees and supports the mission of the Presbyterian  churches within the region.  IPC is represented by a ruling elder commissioner who has voice and vote within the discussions of the Presbytery’s mission and work.  

Ruling elders, pastors, and church members serve on various committees of the Presbytery in order that this important work can go forward.  Presbyterians believe and have believed throughout their history in the importance and strength of a connectional Church.  Together, the churches of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley are a reminder that we are part of the one body of Christ.

 South Presbyterian Church is also part of the Riverside Neighborhood – a “neighborhood” of Presbyterian churches within the Presbytery’s geographic bounds.

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