Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.


For 165 years, people of faith have gathered on Mt. Hope1930 to meet the needs of those around them and share the good news of hope that we find through Jesus Christ. Several times we have morphed into the newest incarnation that God means for us to have in order to translate the meaning of Unconditional and Radically Inclusive Love into the language of the day. And such a morphing is  occurring again in 2014.

The earliest history has been chronicled in the Centennial Book which can be viewed or downloaded if you CLICK HERE. (The picture above is from 1930.)

Our later history which brings us into the 21st century is being compiled this year in light of our 165th anniversary.

While we are  mindful of our rich tradition and the legacy left to us by those brothers and sisters who came before us, we are not focused on our past, however.

We believe that God is working through us TODAY and that means we don’t have time to sit around and think of what “was” very often. We are, instead, focused on what “is” and “is to come.”

In other words … our history is today. And today we are writing the story that future generations will chronicle with a  broader perspective than we are able to manage today.


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