Our MISSION: “Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in [my] way of life.” (Mt. 28:19 – The Message)
Our Acts of Faith Community provides community organizing around spiritual needs and interests.
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About Us

The following five statements are found throughout our conversations and written material.
They are a part of us, and we are always willing to welcome people who share the excitement of this journey.

`“The Church has left the building.”
We are a progressive, pragmatic, praying, and prophetic church that transitioned from being a bricks and mortar institution to being a 100% missional church, providing ministries throughout the community.

“Put us where you want us and show us what to do.”
This is the central prayer shared by all of us at South. We are committed to the process of prayerful discernment that, for us, often includes 40 Days of Prayer leading up to important decisions. And we interpret the Spirit’s direction through monitoring the energy and excitement in our Acts of Faith.

“Energy and Excitement”
If the Holy Spirit is present, there is energy & excitement in what we are doing. If it’s not there, we are meant to do something different. We use this criterion as a touchstone for everything from continuing a program or dropping it, to knowing who our leaders should be.

“People bump up against Jesus through us.”
By doing grass-roots ministry in the community, our Acts of Faith meet the quickly changing needs of the 21st century world. By virtue of our baptism and being grafted onto Jesus, there were more than 12,000 times that people in the community and online “bumped up against Jesus” through our 40 members and over 400 different individuals in 2023.

Transform your spirit, transform our world.”
We are committed to the belief that as followers of Jesus, the Church is called to be transformative agents in the world. We may be a small, “wee kirk,” but we see ourselves as yeast bringing new life to the world.