"Put us where you want us, and show us what to do."

Acts of Faith


An Act of Faith (AoF) is an organic grass-roots ministry growing out of the needs of the people. It may be overtly “religious” like a Bible Study, or not, such as a community choir. This model believes that we don’t have to be talking about God all the time in order to be spreading the Good News; it believes that as we live out our faith and build community, people will “bump up against Jesus” through us. Therefore, if two people share a need or interest, we will sponsor their program for three months. How to determine whether, or not, to continue it after three months? Easy. Answer one question: Does it create energy and excitement? Believing that everything the Holy Spirit touches generates energy, excitement and holy presence that is felt by the people associated with it, South says that if an AoF does that, it continues; if it does not, they discontinue it immediately.

Why expect people to come to one building for their needs to be met when Jesus went to the people; he didn’t expect them to come to him. And so South created the Acts of Faith Model of Ministry©  which, in many ways, is a 21st century embodiment of the first century Christian community.

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