"Put us where you want us, and show us what to do."

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SoutHeart Fellowship

MISSION | VISION | CALLING: Bringing the Good News to those who are short- or long-term patients in the civil units of RPC, we celebrate worship and a coffee hour with them twice a month. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? May 7, 2019Now that our Easter Communion service is behind us, we continue to focus on the themes of forgiveness and new life. We…

Sonray Fellowship

MISSION | VISION | CALLING: Carrying the healing love of Christ to our brothers and sisters in the Regional Forensic Unit as they make their way to health and reintegration with the larger community. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? May 7, 2019Having recently changed our meeting location, our Fellowship is enjoying a new banner donated by South that has a simple cross on the…

Slow Sheep

MISSION | VISION | CALLING: We find fellowship with one another while appreciating the amazing world around us that God has created. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? May 7, 2019Our May location will be Mt. Hope Cemetery (the north entrance) where we will walk to several of the historical gravesites in the cemetery: Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and more. Breakfast will follow at…

Mount Hope World Singers

MISSION | VISION | CALLING: Creating harmony in sound and spirit. We honor other countries by singing their songs in the language of their people, thereby encouraging intercultural understanding and community. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?

Micah Circle

MISSION | VISION | CALLING: Micah Circle doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God by serving our community’s needs both locally and globally through direct action and education. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?