How do YOU rate?

(June 23, 2017) Our Presbyterian Church (USA) is BLESSED with creative, amazing people of integrity, intelligence and deep Spirit. And I have been humbled to sit among them today as we looked at - and prayed for - people in our churches who are scared and sometimes hopeless as they wonder where God is calling them. It's confusing to not be able to see where Spirit is leading because you've been … [Read more...]

“Are you revitalizing?”

(June 22, 2017) Well, the travel went smoothly. I connected with a dear friend and made it to the conference center where I'm staying (on grounds of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary) with about 20 minutes to spare. ┬áThe other participants and I were to meet in the main lobby at 6 so I walked down the curving staircase and saw a group of people in one area. I walked over and looked at them, … [Read more...]

At the Airport

(June 22, 2017). Hope you all had a Happy Solstice yesterday. I'm always a little sad at the Summer Solstice because it means the days start getting shorter. But if you think about it, we're ALWAYS changing ... either they're getting longer or shorter. We just don't think of it that way most of the time. And my life is all about change today ... well, truth be told, it's about change every … [Read more...]

Revitalization Conversations

(June 20, 2017) I'm getting ready for a great adventure. And I hope you'll come along with me on it. On Thursday, I'm going to fly to Louisville (the location of our denomination headquarters) and join some colleagues in an extended conversation about church revitalization. Aside from the absolute and humbling honor, it's also a time for me to be invited to grow and expand my knowledge about … [Read more...]

Not Just the Church

(June 16, 2017) I'm struck lately -- as many of us are -- by the shooter in Arlington who attacked the Republican members of Congress at their baseball practice. The initial responses to that horror have all been inspiring: calls for an end to verbal violence and a reinstatement of civility in language and attitude, bipartisan pledges to move our nation forward, reassertion that we are all one … [Read more...]