The Church has Left the Building. Like Jesus, we go where the People are. We don't expect them to come to us. We are here to share the really Great News that we are created and re-created by a Loving God of Grace and Mercy.

Senior Spirituality

Intentional aging is not for the faint-hearted. Learning about our aging processes, we support each other through significant life changes, and therein find meaning where we might otherwise have missed it. We focus on the spiritual dimensions of aging.

This spring, at the initiative of Pastor Deborah Swift, a group of “Women of a Certain Age” gathered to explore what the dimensions of spirituality may be at an older age. We used the book, The Gift of Years, by Joan Chittister, as a jumping off point.

The discussions were very fruitful, so the group decided to continue in the fall. We have been discussing ideas and experiences generated by the book, Happiness Is a Choice You Make, by John Leland. It is based on a series of interviews he conducted with a group of “the oldest old” whom he found in the New York City area. His learnings offer a lovely and lively jumping off place for our own experiences and thoughts.

We plan to resume our meetings after the New Year, continuing with the same book.

The group has resumed its fall schedule, meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 2:00 pm in the Horizon room at St. John’s Brickstone. As always, if you want to connect with Nancy R., the convenor, please use the CONTACT US tab above. Your message will be forwarded to her.

Currently, only one support group is meeting. They will gather on September 27th at 3PM to set their schedule for the fall.

If you are interested in starting another group, please contact either Pastor Deb or Mary Lee through the CONTACT tab above.