The Church has Left the Building. Like Jesus, we go where the People are. We don't expect them to come to us. We are here to share the really Great News that we are created and re-created by a Loving God of Grace and Mercy.

Ring for Joy!

Ring for Joy! recognizes that music is the international language which everyone understands. Using handbells, we convey that language while spreading the messages of love, peace, understanding, and harmony.

In 2021, when one of the Fellowship of Faith members had a vision for a community bell choir similar to Sing for Joy, Ring for Joy! was born.

Meeting for an hour a week during the program year (September – June), the group learns techniques of ringing as well as repertoire suitable for the group while sharing care, concern and their presence with each other.

No prior bell experience or audition is needed to be a member of Ring for Joy!.
Check the CALENDAR (above) for the day of resuming rehearsals following Labor Day, this fall.