The Church has Left the Building. Like Jesus, we go where the People are. We don't expect them to come to us. We are here to share the really Great News that we are created and re-created by a Loving God of Grace and Mercy.

Water from the Well

Getting aligned with God through the Holy Word, online, we seek to be guided by Jesus’ example of Justice-Love. We do that while building community with each other and sharing our own life experiences.

This Bible study dives deep into scripture. Thus far in 2022, we have been focusing on the Book of Acts and the lessons that the first century church has to teach the twenty-first century church.

Members are Christian and non-, Presbyterian (from six different Presbyterian Churches), Roman Catholic, and the Reformed Christian Church. People sign-on to our class from Utah, Florida, New Jersey, and three cities in New York — unless they’re traveling in the winter and then it’s even more.

We welcome new members and will resume our weekly studies following Labor Day. Please check the CALENDAR (above) for exact details.

All are welcome!