Meeting of the Congregation

Members of South Presbyterian Church will convene for a Special Congregational Meeting on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017, immediately following worship for the purpose of voting on the addition of a new position to our pastoral staff: Stated Supply Associate Pastor (half-time). A rationale and job description for this position was emailed to members. All are welcome to attend. Only SPC Active … [Read more...]

New Video – EXPERTS

The next in the series of Pastor's Ponderings is online. Hear what Pastor Deb has to say about EXPERTS and how that relates to our faith. CLICK HERE … [Read more...]

What Does the New Year Mean?

The wrapping paper remnants are finding their way to the trash. One by one, we remember the gifts that were given to us and we smile at the thoughts of children in this season. For some of us (myself included), we find ourselves away from home and yet at home with others -- family -- whether by birth or choice. And with a new year less than a week away, I wonder: What Does the New Year … [Read more...]

Podcasts, Videos, Pastor’s Ponderings

It all started in August. At an Evangelism and Church Transformation conference, I was in a group where one of the participants asked if we minded him doing a Live Facebook broadcast of the group. And the rest is history. My thoughts about the need for us to reach people beyond just  our immediate Acts of Faith was confirmed. So ... I came home and tried my hand at my first Live Facebook … [Read more...]

Shove of the Dove

Do you ever feel like you just weren't CONTENT where you are? Something's just not jelling -- whether for yourself, your family, or your faith community? Well, over the last five years, several of us from South have felt that way and we've found a lot of comfort from attending an annual conference in Florida in AUGUST!  (I know. Right? You've GOT to be kidding ... Florida in August?) And … [Read more...]