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Food for Thought

Round table or square, seats filled or sparse, the Spirit surrounds even the most casual conversation, as we seek to care for and learn from each other and from our book of choice.
May 18, 2019
Since Easter (2019), the group is making its way through Richard Rohr’s Just This: Prompts and Practices for Contemplation.
Amazon describes it this way:

Just This is a collection of brief and evocative meditations and practices that
invite us to cultivate the gift of waking up to the beauty of reality in all its glorious ordinariness. With his signature blend of contemplation, theology, and pastoral
sensitivity, Fr Richard Rohr creates a spaciousness for the soul to grow into a kind of seeing that goes far beyond merely looking to recognizing and thus
appreciating. This is the heart of contemplation, the centerpiece of any inner
dialogue that frees us from the traps of our perceptions and preoccupations.
The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see; it teaches us how to see
what we behold.

Whether you have read it or not, stop by and join us at the Diner. The discussions build community which is really our goal.

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