HALLELUJAH! The COVID rates are dropping. We are resuming in-person AoF's as of 3/1/22.

Food for Thought

Round table or square, seats filled or sparse, the Spirit surrounds even the most casual conversation, as we seek to care for and learn from each other and from our book of choice.
Food for Thought is a group of “folks around town” members that formed 6 years ago and is the first of the Acts of Faith outreach groups.  Our title evolved from the facts that we meet at a diner and the books are chosen food for the heart, mind, and soul.  How to be a better person, Christian and follower of Jesus’ teachings.  The discussions can also be very enlightening due to the diversities of the group.
Anyone is welcome regardless of religious belief, race, sex, age, or lack of.
We touch the lives of about 450 people through 44 weeks of meetings and 9-12 attendees per week plus our outreach activities other than our book studies ie:
1.      Dinners for the homeless of varied charitable groups around Rochester ie: Reach
2.      Showers for the girls who attend to us at our 4:30 meetings.  They were expectant moms.
3.      And individual endeavors of the members
4.      Collecting food and warm winter items for who are without
5.      Sometimes some of the restaurant patrons will talk with us.
Some of the books and studies we devoured this year:
1.      Lenten study at Easter time
2.      The Point Is… by Lee Eisenberg
3.      Uncommon Good by Jim Wallace
4.      Just This by Richard Rahr
5.      Becoming by Michelle Obama
6.      Advent study: Add a Straw to the Manger – How to be a good student of Jesus’ teaching and what it means to be a disciple.
7.      Our present read: Christ in Crisis by Jim Wallace
The folks we provide meals for call us the “Hot Dog Gang” and are always waiting in line to help transport food and tools into the building.  They love talking with us and are so respectful and friendly as we serve them. They are very uplifting experiences.
COME AND JOIN US – Fridays @ 4:30 pm @ Mt. Hope Diner

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