"Put us where you want us, and show us what to do."

Fellowship of Faith

FoF seeks to provide a meaningful, traditional Sunday morning worship experience, through music, the Gospel, preaching, prayer & community; to lift and guide all, in there spiritual journey. We welcome everyone as Jesus did.
November 4, 2019
The Spirit just keeps us growing and growing at Fellowship of Faith. Not only do we benefit from the gift of Sing for Joy! as worship leaders each week, and thrill to the piano of our Minister of Music, Andy Pratt, but we engage in “pop-up Bible Study” sometimes and we collect for other ministries.

In the fall, we met for four weeks after worship to look at the sic scriptural references often used against our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Now, with the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are gathering food for the New Life Food Cupboard to be able to provide additional meals to our neighbors.

Fellowship of Faith is a place for joy, love, compassion, and caring. We work hard to find ways to apply our faith to our everyday lives as 21st century Christians.

Service is at 10:45 but we start to gather around 10:15 for fellowship.
We hope to see you there!