Sing for Joy!

(Updated: June 30. 2017)

What happens to a traditional church choir when the congregation leaves their building? They look around and realize that they are their own ministry — their own Act of Faith.

Getting together to sing in a common room of a senior community has proven to be inviting to residents and visitors alike. Occasionally, one or two will sing with the group, other times several people will take a seat just to listen to the music  — A Free Concert every week!

What was originally a “church choir,” has become a “community choir” providing weekly, participatory concerts. Those who wish to come and sing a song in worship at Fellowship of Faith are always welcome and occasionally they do that.

Singing an anthem a week, and more at the holiday seasons, the seventeen active members of  Sing for Joy!  are under the direction of Andy Pratt, our Minister of Music – a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, teaching music in a Rochester area school, and Musical Director of the Blackfriar’s Theater in downtown Rochester.

If you are interested in forming community through music, you are welcome to join our Sing for Joy!  Act of Faith.
No auditions are required. All are welcome.