(Updated: February 18, 2018)

B2C is casual praise that meets throughout the year in Charlotte Harbortown Homes, a residence designed for those with disabilities and those over the age of 55. It celebrated its second anniversary in the fall of 2017.

Back2Center has grown deeper in meaning in the hearts and lives of those who participate at
Harbortown Homes.  Individual testimonials may be found below. Throughout the year, life events were celebrated, blessings shared and losses mourned.  Many of the worshipers live on the margins of our city, and Rochester, as a whole is in the top two of poorest communities (per capita) in the nation.  However, societal poverty can often bring about spiritual riches.

During the year, this group twice hosted visitors from out-of-state who came to experience the Spirit that has become the bedrock of B2C. Both Presbyterians and American Baptists from their respective national headquarters were welcomed with typical B2C hospitality and candor.

As a result of the group’s growing cohesion, they commemorate the end of the program year in June, with a movie and potluck, celebrated with another Act of Faith of South Church, and  decided to take their worship “on a walk” this summer.  They made it a time to walk, talk, and pray together, two Thursdays a month for the summer, in addition to a regular service once a month.

In the fall, as a welcome back to their weekly gathering, they added light refreshments (chips and dip) for a social hour following their service.  This allowed participants to visit with each other and further grow their relationships.

The group continues to add people and build community in this high-rise devoted to folks with disabilities (both seen and unseen).

Personal Testimonials from some of the
Back2Center Members