At South, we rejoice in the knowledge that we have so many good partners to work with us.  We don’t have to be good at everything since we are connected to people and organizations who have the skills we may lack and who by the same token may benefit from skills that we have.  We don’t have to do everything ourselves; we just have to find the right volunteers and pair them with projects that interest them.

Chief among our partnerships is the one with New Life Presbyterian Church (CLICK HERE) with whom we share personnel, programming and resources.


New Life - 2

Located in the heart of the city at the corner of Monroe Avenue and Rosedale Street, New Life brings new life to the Upper Monroe neighborhood through hosting neighborhood meetings and events, self-help programs, providing a polling place for elections, offering available space for local theater productions  and housing a twenty-five year partnership with Third Presbyterian Church known as the Corner Place which serves elementary school children in the Upper Monroe community by providing high quality arts education. (To learn more about the Corner Place, CLICK HERE.)

And because of our many partnerships, we are actively involved with our neighbors through the Upper Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association, the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association, Azalea Neighbors, Mt. Hope Business Association, St. John’s Meadows / Brickstone, Collegetown, and the City of Rochester. We recognize that we are one of many stakeholders who have a long history and investment in this part of the city, and that working together, we are responsible for the future of this area for our children and their children.

Decisions we make today will affect the environment and the culture of Collegetown for years to come.

South is proud to team up with the following and we look forward to other partnering opportunities that may arise.  To learn more about this diverse group read the descriptions below which will also provide you with a direct link to their websites.

1511 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, New York 14620      (585) 256-1939


Mt. Hope Diner is a popular neighborhood gathering place in the  Upper Mount Hope Neighborhood.  Offering typical diner fare, along with breakfast and a list of about ten daily specials, they also provide Free WiFi. Not only was it one of the first off-campus restaurants to accept the University of Rochester’s URos student payment card, but they have hosted South’s ACT of Faith, Food for Thought since its beginning in 2010. They support the neighborhood; we support them.


South joined the Presbyterian Church in the 1920’s.pcusa - 3We live in a time of change – in culture, technology, religious identity and practice.The PC(USA) is the largest group of Presbyterians in the country today. As a
Presbyterian church, we are part of a connectional network that includes approximately 10,000 worshiping congregations throughout the United States.To learn more about Presbyterianism, theology, worship, etc. please visit:



All power in the Presbyterian Church rests with the presbyteries, local groups of churches. In our case, we are one of sixty-eight churches known collectively as the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.The Presbytery provides resources and services for South and several of our Elders serve on various Presbytery committees.  Picture10


RPCThe Rochester Psychiatric Center (RPC) is not only a neighbor, it is a place of healing, hope, and new life for people with severe mental illness. RPC partners with people with serious mental health challenges by providing recovery oriented services in a safe environment, and South is a partner in providing a community anchor for those about to be discharged as well as those living in nearby facilities.


1 Johnsarbor West, Rochester, New York 14620      (585) 760-1300
 St Johns South’s relationship with the Meadows began several years ago with CLASS ACT, one of our ACTs of Faith. However, as of August 10, 2014, St. John’s Meadows will become the site of our Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m. in the Parks Room of Chestnut Court and the weekly Sing For Joy choir rehearsal on Wednesdays in the Hawthorne Lounge from September through June. The Meadows is a Senior Living Center seeking to make the Meadows and Brickstone a vibrant community center for both its residents and its neighbors.


UMNAlogo2The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) is a not-for-profit advocacy group representing the 3,300   residents and property owners in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood. The historical home to New Life, UMNA plays an important role in our desire to  build community and be active in God’s creation. Through their leadership, South and New Life are supporters of community gardening and outreach to neighborhood children.  UMNA meets Tuesdays | 7:00 PM – first week of the month- at New Life Presbyterian Church

UMHNUpper Mount Hope Neighborhood is an active community located between Genesee Valley Park and Highland Park. South is
proud to have many of our ACTs of Faith located in the Upper Mt. Hope Neighborhood and we are committed to building and
nurturing creative neighborhoods and communities. It is a great area to live, work and play. South is an active member and
partner with UMHN in its many activities.

UPTThe nine urban Presbyterian Churches in the city of Rochester have formed a coalition known as Urban Presbyterians Together. Sharing programs, resources, ideas and encouragement, UPT churches meet regularly and are beginning to make plans for working together.