Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.


At South, we rejoice in the knowledge that we are all connected.


Our thanks to these Mission Partners that enable us to do the work that we do. If you would like to be a partner to an Act of Faith, please use the Contact link above.


1511 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, New York 14620      (585) 256-1939


Mt. Hope Diner is a popular neighborhood gathering place in the  Upper Mount Hope Neighborhood.  Offering typical diner fare, along with breakfast and a list of about ten daily specials, they also provide Free WiFi. Not only was it one of the first off-campus restaurants to accept the University of Rochester’s URos student payment card, but they have hosted South’s ACT of Faith, Food for Thought since its beginning in 2010. They support the neighborhood; we support them. To learn more about this mainstay of community in the College Town area, CLICK HERE.


South joined the Presbyterian Church in the 1920’s.pcusa - 3We live in a time of change – in culture, technology, religious identity and practice.The PC(USA) is the largest group of Presbyterians in the country today –  a connectional network that includes approximately 10,000 worshiping congregations throughout the United States.To learn more about Presbyterianism, theology, worship, etc. please visit us HERE.

1190 Winton Rd South, RochesterNY 14618-2244

All power in the Presbyterian Church rests with the presbyteries, which are local groups of churches. In our case, we are one five dozen churches known collectively as the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.The Presbytery provides resources and services for South and several of our Elders serve on various Presbytery committees. We are most grateful for the support of our colleagues in ministry. CLICK HERE to learn about Presbyterians in this part of the world.  Picture10

5811 Heritage Landing Drive, Floor 2, East Syracuse, NY 13057-9360

Through a generous grant from the Synod of the Northeast, South continues to explore ways for churches to come together, sharing services and supporting each other in non-traditional, as well as traditional, settings. The Blended Office Partnership Program has been able to get off the ground and will launch in early 2019. For more information about the Synod,  CLICK HERE.  


Our Acts of Faith at Rochester Psychiatric Center are made possible through the generous support of the First Presbyterian Church, Pittsford. We thank them for their ongoing faith in our ministry and mission. CLICK HERE to learn about FPC, Pittsford.  


RPCThe Rochester Psychiatric Center (RPC) is not only a neighbor, it is a place of healing, hope, and new life for people with severe mental illness. RPC works with people with serious mental health challenges by providing recovery oriented services in a safe environment, and South is a partner in providing a community anchor for those about to be discharged as well as those living in nearby facilities. In 2017, South became the first church in NYS to receive permission to provide twice-monthly worship services in the Regional Forensic Unit of RPC. Together with the chaplains and our volunteers, we are building community with the most vulnerable among us. CLICK HERE.
1 Johnsarbor West, Rochester, New York 14620      (585) 760-1300
 St Johns South’s relationship with the Meadows began several years ago with CLASS ACT, one of our ACTs of Faith. However, as of August 10, 2014, St. John’s Meadows is the site of our Sunday Worship at 10:45 a.m. in the Parks Room of Chestnut Court and the weekly Sing For Joy! choir rehearsal on Wednesdays in the Hawthorne Lounge from September through June. The Meadows is a Senior Living Community bringing the best of life to its residents. Learn more by CLICKING HERE.


905 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620 

As of the fall of 2018, the Center for Youth and South’s LOL (Love Our Lord) Youth Group has been in partnership as we work with our young people in the areas of Conflict Transformation, building self-esteem, and other issues common to urban youth. For a complete understanding of what this community treasure has to offer, CLICK HEREWe are grateful for this new partnership with such devoted professionals.

155 Culver Rd #110, Rochester, NY 14620

For our Monroe Milers – a youth running program in both spring and fall, culminating in 55+ kids and 30+ volunteer coaches doing a 5K race – Fleet Feet serves as a major donor through helping us provide our runners with new shoes and socks at cost. Talk about “good neighbors.” These folks are helping us prepare the next healthy generation! CLICK HERE to learn more about them.

4575 Lake Avenue, Rochester, New York 14612

As the location for two of our Acts of Faith (Bible & Brew, and Back2Center) Charlotte Harbortown Homes High-rise provides a convenient, warm and welcoming location for their residents to gather with others from the larger community who want to worship on Thursday nights, or study the Bible on Monday mornings.