Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.

About Us

(Updated: February 19, 2018)

In 2014 we voted to sell our church building because we believe we are supposed to focus our energy on being with people in our city, meeting their needs and spreading love and acceptance instead of working hard on the upkeep of a structure.

We are:

  • Your neighbors and friends.
  • From many different faiths, countries, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds.
  • Striving to find answers for ourselves rather than blindly accepting what is handed to us by someone else.
  • Progressive – Thinking – Questioning – Changing.
  • Community to each other.
  • Present in eight neighborhoods around the city of Rochester, NY.
  • In partnership with the Presbytery of Genesee Valley, the Synod of the Northeast, area businesses and churches, not-for-profits, business/merchant and neighborhood associations … pretty much everybody.
  • Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are white-collared, blue-collared, and no-collared.
  • Women, men and children who speak many languages.
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and straight; married, divorced, single, partnered, or celibate.
  • Students and teachers, business people and parents, unemployed, overly and under-employed, and retired.

We believe that God is big enough for everybody and that God finds a way to speak to us in a language we can understand. Often that is through music, art, science, study, nature, conversation, and learning.

We have been in southeast Rochester for over 165 years … since before Mt. Hope Avenue was even a part of the city itself. We would not have survived this long if we hadn’t recognized the changing nature of our neighborhoods and adapted to meet the needs of the people around us.

We don’t know all the answers, but we are learning how to ask the questions and then pay attention to what the Universe sends our way as an answer.

Most importantly, we hope that you will join us where you seem to it in.

Where’s our church? Wherever you want it to be.

And Who are we? We are South Presbyterian Church & the Acts of Faith Community.


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