Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.

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Philippians Study

South Church’s Saturday ACT of Faith*, Bagels & the Bible, is starting a four-week lesson on Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. Our style is easy and friendly … and frankly, it is more conversational and experiential than pedantic. We meet Saturdays, 11 a.m. for one hour at Bruegger’s Bagels on Mt. Hope (right across the street from the new Collegetown development). Bring…

Bagels and the Bible

Beginning November 2, 2013 11 a.m. at Bruegger’s Bagels on Mt. Hope Ave. Bring a Bible … or just show up. We’ll have some different Bible to share. Translations matter. They do make a difference. The meanings of words change over time; what made sense in the 17th century doesn’t always speak to us in the 21st. Don’t come to this if you…