Shove of the Dove

Do you ever feel like you just weren’t CONTENT where you are?

Something’s just not jelling — whether for yourself, your family, or your faith community?

Well, over the last five years, several of us from South have felt that way and we’ve found a lot of comfort from attending an annual conference in Florida in AUGUST!  (I know. Right? You’ve GOT to be kidding … Florida in August?) And because we know that it’s really, really hard for everybody to get down there in the summer, we decided it was time to bring some of the ideas back that we find there year after year.

One of them is this whole idea that if something isn’t working out just right, then we’re probably meant to do something else because … well, let’s face it … if God wants something to happen, it happens … so if it’s not happening, maybe we’ve missed what the message is.

Anyway, on Saturday, September 10th, three of us from South are going to be joined by four friends from other churches and share what we’ve learned in a fun-filled, spiritually-grounded, challenging but loving setting. We’re calling it “The Shove of the Dove” because sometimes it just feels like Holy Spirit has to whap us upside the head in order to get our attention. There are nudges, and then there are NUDGES!!!

If you CLICK HERE, you’ll be taken to the flier and the registration form.

C’mon … check us out!

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Pastor Deb