Podcasts, Videos, Pastor’s Ponderings

It all started in August.

At an Evangelism and Church Transformation conference, I was in a group where one of the participants asked if we minded him doing a Live Facebook broadcast of the group. And the rest is history. My thoughts about the need for us to reach people beyond just  our immediate Acts of Faith was confirmed.

So … I came home and tried my hand at my first Live Facebook video. And y’know what? I didn’t faint and the world didn’t stop turning.

NOW I find that people really look forward to my ramblings (what I’ve started calling the Pastor’s Ponderings) and in order to move beyond just Facebook, I’ve also uploaded them to the church’s YouTube Channel. (Didn’t know we had one, did you?) But we do … CLICK HERE to see what it’s like. (And if you want to see all the videos we’ve put up over the recent years, click on VIDEOS on the sidebar.)

As a result of all this, I send my greetings to Back2Center every Thursday night as a short video instead of something written. And that means that Pastor’s Ponderings are getting into my regular weekly rhythm.

Don’t want to watch a video? Like listening to things on your MP3 player? Just go to the PODCASTS page on this website through the Pastor’s Page OR Publications.

Either way … I hope you’ll find some thoughts here to pick up your Spirit and help you remember that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

Pastor Deb