Not Just the Church

(June 16, 2017) I’m struck lately — as many of us are — by the shooter in Arlington who attacked the Republican members of Congress at their baseball practice. The initial responses to that horror have all been inspiring: calls for an end to verbal violence and a reinstatement of civility in language and attitude, bipartisan pledges to move our nation forward, reassertion that we are all one even though we may disagree on some (important) things.

And it has reminded me of the Reformed Tradition commitment to be “Reformed and Always Reforming.”

That is a way of life; it’s not just a platitude.

That is a call to how we Christians are meant to live; it’s not just a narrowly interpreted nod to church administration.

This is it, folks!

We — as individuals … as a nation … within our families and our communities — we are CALLED to be “Reformed and Always Reforming!” We are meant to be, in the words of Cris Williamson, the “changer and the changed.” It is WE who are meant to bring our FAITH and our UNDERSTANDING that God is in charge, that every, single person is an embodiment of the God Spark, to everything that we do in life, and that includes our participatory government! We are to be doing our part to bring about the KOG and that can only happen when we take on the responsibility to work for things to be better … or, in other words,  to Re-FORM the ways things are now that exclude, put-down, debase and otherwise marginalize other human beings.

We are to be ambassadors and apprentices of Jesus, the Change Agent … Jesus, the Master of Transformation!

My wish?

My prayer?

That enough people will be inspired by this horrendous and cowardly act against our lawmakers that they will step up, speak out and not back down.

Each one of us has the potential to be the “hundredth monkey” that shifts the balance in the world, but we have to be willing to act.

We have to be willing to be “Reformed and Always Reforming.”

May the Holy Spirit make it so.