Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.

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Praying by Street Light

Okay … so tonight I was back at church putting up the A-Frame sign for the Bible Study on Saturday. I parked up at the dead end and I was getting the sign out of my back seat. Three different men came by and asked if I could help them with some money, but of course, I honestly said I don’t carry…

What a Weekend

Well, as the weekend draws to a close, we get some time to breathe again. Really nice sending home service for Miriam yesterday, followed by the Youth Group’s annual Halloween celebration. And today? Resurrection Sunday. It was Traditional Worship with great conversations. After that, a couple of meetings. Lots of things happening this week. Hope you’ll check out the calendar and join…

Ten Words or Less

Well, in our effort to Keep It Simple, Sweetie we have been figuring out our own 10-word-or-less statement of what matters most to us. What is it “Above All” that we think is important? NOW … it’s time to take that a step farther. What is the most important part about who South is and what we believe? We can start the…