Bible and Brew

(Updated: February 19, 2018)

Bible Study in a Coffee Shop?


Lively discussion … occasional disagreement … passion about the Word of the Lord.

Whether reading the book of Acts, studying the Psalms, or engaging in a study about Peacemaking in Genesis, the energy and excitement among attendees has been strong, and continues to grow, as we are entering into our third year together.

Nearing the end of our reading season last year, the group collectively decided that they wanted to continue to meet over the summer, to study the book of Isaiah.  In preparation for that, they learned about international politics of the Ancient Near East and the inception of patriarchy (which the Assyrian Empire solidified, bearing influence on its presence in Judaism.)

This informal way of learning and discussing Scripture has its roots in the Jewish tradition of question and answer, and the use of personal narratives from the participants is reminiscent of Midrash in the best of Rabbinical tradition.

All are welcome. In the case of our youngest member (the grandchild, and daughter of two of our members), we think she is learning early to “stand firmly on the Word of God.” And isn’t that what it’s all about?