Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.

Acts of Faith: Study and Sharing

Bible & Brew

Bible Discussion over morning coffee on Mondays, 10AM @ Margio’s Diner in the Port of Rochester (Charlotte). No prior experience needed. Questions welcome.
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CLASS ACT (Christian Leadership and Senior Spirituality: Applied Christian Thinking)

Senior spirituality group that reads, watches videos, discusses and prays together on the first three Tuesdays, 2PM @ Chestnut Court of St. John’s Meadows (September – June). Although located at the Meadows on Elmwood Avenue, the group is open to the public. Both men and women develop meaningful relationships while engaging their minds and hearts. All are welcome.

 Food for Thought

Fridays, 4:30PM members of the community gather at Mt. Hope Family Diner to read together, share life, have a dessert and anchor their weekend in thoughtful, provocative discourse around topics both religious and not. Several times throughout the year the group prepares and serves dinner at an emergency homeless shelter in the city.
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 Firebird Spirit

In the Spring of 2018, Firebird Spirit will be launched as the AoF designed to coordinate, archive, curate and share information about Acts of Faith with interested parties, and to assist others in forming their own Acts of Faith. This ministry includes South’s Speakers’ Bureau — lay people whose lives are enriched by the AoF Model of Ministry; the Blended Office Partnership Program (BOPP) which brings churches together to share office staff, equipment, and overhead in order to maximize purchasing power and lower expenses; and sharing all things related to the Acts of Faith Model of Ministry. Use the Contact tab above if you desire more information about any of these items.

Life Skills

In 2017, it became clear to South that its urban youth who were graduating from high school needed some additional support and encouragement as they prepared to enter either college or the work force. Necessity if the mother of invention. As a result, the first year of a two-month Life Skills class resulted in all four participants successfully obtaining their Learner’s Permit, two going on to college, one joining the Navy, and one becoming gainfully employed. Topics learned included Personal Budgeting and Finance, Long-range and Short-term Planning, How to fill our a job application, and more. One of the big accomplishments for the participants was being able to secure a copy of their Birth Certificates and Social Security cards. There is much that some of us take for granted but which our young adults need some coaching on.