HALLELUJAH! The COVID rates are dropping. We are resuming in-person AoF's as of 3/1/22.

Praying Hearts

Praying hearts provides a mid-week opportunity to gather in community for a time of prayer and meditation around a Bible passage or other related reading.
March 16, 2020. One of the beautiful things about South’s Acts of Faith model is its reliance on lay leadership for many of its ministries. In this uncertain time, we get to reap the benefits of that leadership, as our sister, Suzanne, a resident of Cobb’s Hill Manor, steps up to lead Praying Hearts this week. While the gathering will only be open to residents, those of us outside the building can join them in spirit at the usual 10am time this Thursday, March 19.

As with the other Acts of Faith located at Cobb’s Hill Manor, Praying Hearts has been suspended until further notice in response to COVID-19. Nevertheless, we invite you to gather in Spirit for prayer in your home at 10 am on March 19th. As we each lift our individual prayers to the God who will not let us go, let us especially remember all those affected by this virus, those suffering with the illness, those caring for the sick, those crafting response plans and those manufacturing vaccines. God of healing grace, comfort now the sick and those who mourn, bring strength to the caregivers and community leaders, knit us together in new ways, and gather us together in loving response for all our brothers and sisters, that together we may embody your presence in the world and receive the new life we know you have in store for us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

As we journey through the dark winter months, we continue to gather to bring God’s light into our lives through the power of praying together in community. Whether you are full of the Spirit or just trying to get through the day, we welcome your presence among us.

The comfort and peace that we receive through prayer is magnified when we come together as people of faith. Beginning as an observance of the National Day of Prayer in 2019 with residents from Cobb’s Hill Manor, this Act of Faith has grown to include community members and welcomes “prayers” of all varieties and backgrounds.

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