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Exploring our spirituality as we embrace the wisdom gained through life experiences.
December 5, 2019
CLASS ACT – a Senior Spirituality group open to all – resumed its schedule in the fall. We meet the first three Tuesdays of the month, sharing laughter, memories, insights, and reflections that are sparked by our reading.

We are currently sharing the daily Advent reflections found in Straw for the Manger, a Bible-based look at our work through the eyes of the marginalized and Jesus’ call to us.

In January, we will return to our second book by Fr. Gregory Boyle – Barking at the Choir which we have paused while observing Advent.

You do NOT need to read in advance of any CLASS ACT gathering; we allow ourselves to focus on our group discussions that are inspired by the reading. “What is discussed at CLASS ACT stays at CLASS ACT.” This is an opportunity for us to talk about our faith, our years of experience and to realize that we are not alone in life.

You need not live at the Meadows in order to participate. Several in the group do not live in this senior community but arrive weekly to join the discussion and sharing in the learning.

You decide if you qualify for senior status. The only prerequisite? An inquiring mind and kind heart.

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