"Put us where you want us, and show us what to do."

Sonray Fellowship

Carrying the healing love of Christ to our brothers and sisters in the Regional Forensic Unit as they make their way to health and reintegration with the larger community.
November 4, 2019
At one of our worship services this fall, a young patient mentioned that s/he was so grateful that our volunteers came twice a month. “How are you doing?” Pastor Deb asked. “Having a hard time,” was the response. “I’m just realizing what it was I did.”

This response is common when patients in the forensic unit reach the point in their treatment of comprehending what actions brought them to this place in their lives. One of the most common questions we hear is, “How can God love me after all I’ve done?”

Our numbers in worship have grown. Recently, we had to move more chairs into the dining hall where we worship (and it wasn’t just because more people wanted the lemonade we provide after the service!). The love of Christ is touching these lives through Scripture, music, conversation, and our volunteers. The prayer time keeps getting longer as one-by-one, people begin to open up about their needs, their wants and fears … the Holy Spirit is definitely in this place.

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