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Sonray Fellowship

Carrying the healing love of Christ to our brothers and sisters in the Regional Forensic Unit as they make their way to health and reintegration with the larger community.
January 2020
As we began the new year, our worship centered on Peace … how to build it inside ourselves. For this population, in particular, inner peace can elusive. Their attentiveness throughout the service was palpable.

One woman tearfully approached Rev. Swift at the end of our time together because she has only recently begun to deal with the realization of what she had done that landed her in this place. She is suddenly feeling the burden of her actions and empathy for her victim’s family. Conversations and reassurances about God’s unfailing love and talking with her about the role of positive affirmations around forgiveness and second (or third or fourth) chances were comforting.

Another gentleman who has been attending Sonray for the two years we have been in existence has finally stopped fighting us and trying to take over the worship service with his own brand of Christianity. This time he was actively engaged as we explored ways of finding inner peace (exercise, meditation, mindful breathing, listening to music).

Increasingly, our goal with this group is to build a sense of community among them so that when they see each other in other groups and/or around the unit, they can have a look of recognition that there is someone else who believes as they do.

We celebrated in January that a woman who has been in her program there for almost two decades may be reaching the point of being able to go (escorted) to the chapel in a contiguous building.

All of us are richly blessed by the healing that happens through the Sonray Fellowship.

Our numbers in the Forensic Unit services continue to grow. We now average more than 30 – frequently additional chairs need to be brought into the room.

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