HALLELUJAH! The COVID rates are dropping. We are resuming in-person AoF's as of 3/1/22.

Monroe Milers

Our 2020 spring season will begin a week earlier, Feb. 26, to be ready for the Wegmans Family 5k, April 19.

To register online go to https://tithely-5cacd0fdd77f7-695170.elvanto.net/form/0929b729-5c8b-40c3-be35-75513fa7dec2.

To register offline, print the form below, complete it, mail it to: South Presbyterian Church, PO Box 22782 • Rochester, NY 14692 with check made out to South Presbyterian Church.

Until then, we invite you to enjoy the sights of our fall season with this VIDEO, and to visit our Facebook Page.

“Hard work pays off”