Go out and train everyone you meet,
far and near, in this way of life.

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 5th, starts the season of Lent — the 40 days leading to the celebration of New Life known as Easter. But what does Lent mean to a 21st century resident of Rochester, NY?

While there is always the traditional approach to Lent as a period of sacrifice and embracing one’s sinfulness, we, at South, also embrace alternative practices. For some of us, it is not our pride that keeps us from a meaningful relationship with God and others, it is our low self-esteem. Maybe Lent should be a time of working to banish (or at least turn the volume down on) negative self-talk.

For others who lose sight of their holiness and the God within them by giving too much (and doing too much) for others, maybe Lent could be a time to practice affirmations for boundaried thinking and behavior.

Lent is a gift.
Every year … every spring when new life is just waiting to push up through the cold, hard ground of upstate New York … Lent is a time for us to prepare ourselves for embracing a new relationship with our most perfect understanding of Love and Justice.

We invite you to join us during this time. There are some exciting opportunities planned and we think you will find at lease one thing that will assist you on your journey to greater awareness and faith.
(Pastor Deb)


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